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First 2½ Gallon Batch Belgian Wit

We brewed a Witbier using the following: • 3 lbs. of Belgian Pilsner Malt Crushed • 1 lb. of Belgian Wheat Malt Crushed • 1 lb. American Flaked White Wheat • ½ lb. Flaked Oats • Wyeast 3944 Wit Yeast (5½ pounds total malt and flaked grains) Hops were: • .6 ounce (.6 oz) German Hallertau Mittelfrauh Hop Pellets (60 minutes, no late addition) • no spices, we are letting the yeast provide spicy notes Mash & Boil Procedure: 1. Added 1.8 gallons of strike water and heated to default of 162° F. This was

done with our R21 One Gallon Measuring cup because the Mash & Boil gallon markers do not start until 4 gallons. 2. With grainbasket in place, stirred in malt and flakes gradually* *when the mash got too thick to stir, we poured a half gallon from the bottom spigot and stirred it into the mash. We measured an initial mash temperature of 154° 3. Turned down the temperature to 150° F. and closed the cover 4. After 30 minutes, poured a half gallon from the spigot and mixed it into the mash and recovered. 5. While mashing, heated 2 gallons of sparge water to 168° F. 6. After 70 minutes total mash time, lifted the sparge basket and began sparging. We added a total of 2 gallons of sparge water and ended up with 3½ gallons in the Mash & Boil. We figured out 3½ gallons was 7½" up from the bottom of the Mash & Boil, and placed the end of a tape measure into the unit to see when we had reached 3½ gallons (a little tricky). 7. Boiled for one hour, a more vigorous boil than when boiling 5 gallons. After 1 hour, 1 gallon had boiled off. 8. Cooled with an immersion chiller and pitched Wyeast 3944. Starting gravity was 1.055.