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Voltage & GFCI Plug Considerations

The Mash & Boil requires 120 volts and 15 amps to function correctly. Please be sure your unit is plugged directly into a GFCI outlet that has a capacity of at least 15 amps. Do not use extension cords or power strips. It is vital also that the plug be wired correctly, with a good ground, and the hot lead wired to the right (narrower) slot in the outlet. If polarity is reversed (sometimes house plugs are not wired correctly), this will shorten the life of the Mash & Boil and is also a safety issue. Also, if the ground is disconnected or compromised, this is also a safety issue. We have had at least once instance of a Mash & Boil giving a customer a small shock when touched, which turned out to be a compromised house ground that was feeding a small amount of voltage back into the Mash & Boil through the ground socket on the plug. So make sure you have a solid, properly wired 15 amp GFCI outlet, and you will be fine!