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Mashing Made Simple



Do you want to make all grain brewing easier and more fun?  The Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil Series 2 takes the bulkiness and complexity out of mashing at home, replacing awkward water coolers and burners with a compact unit you can plug in anywhere.


• No More Sparge Water Calculations - the Series 2 features an elevated  grain basket that not only increases flow by 150%, but allows you to easily see the gallon markers. This allows you to keep sparging until your batch size has been reached, and eliminates the need to calculate sparge water before brewing.

• High Flow Grain Basket has 150% more perforations for 150% more flow - reduces stuck mashes.

• Low density heating element for less chance of scorching.

• Precise thermostat for tighter temperature control.

• Improved Lid is T500 Distilling column ready - no need to buy a separate lid.

• Available with or without an integral pump.


Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil w/ pump

For years home brewers have used converted water coolers designed for construction sites to mash with. The Series 2 Mash & Boil takes home brew out of the past and into something easy and convenient - no burners, no venting, no three tier system needed just to brew from all grain. Simplify your life with the Mash & Boil, you won't go back to the converted cooler again.

Brewer's Edge Keg Lube Tube

Keep your kegs sealing for years with Brewer's Edge Keg Lube. This waterproof, food safe lubricant for rubber keg parts both improves sealing and extends the life of keg O rings.



Designed by brewers several centuries ago, these traditional hardwood mash rakes are handcrafted in the United States from white birch. The angled rake design make blending strike water with crushed grain an easy task. Both rakes (30” rake shown) feature round hardwood components that help them flow through the stiffest mash with ease. Much easier to use than a long spoon, and a reminder that many of the best ideas are not new.

Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil Series 2
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