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Rapt Fermentation Chamber

IoT hub of Fermenting, logging, & control


The RAPT Fermentation Chamber gives you an efficient means of setting, monitoring and controlling temperature which is perfect for beer making, wine making, salami making, leavening bread, fermenting yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, making cheers, spirit washes, germinating seeds, growing sprouts, and much, much more. Accurate temp control is one of the most crucial factors to getting reliable and repeatable results.


The Rapt chamber can handle complex temperature profiles allowing you to monitor and/or change a temperature setting remotely. Bars, restaurants, hotels, bakeries can all benefit from the unique capabilities of the Rapt Fermentation Chamber & its small footprint (W 22"x D 24"x H 70").

Equally good at leavening bread or warming kegs to prevent them from freezing in sub-zero temperatures, the Rapt chamber can log and store data to a hub where it can be conveniently accessed. The RAPT hub can also allow for remote control of the device giving adjustment control of the device regardless of where you are.

Improve the Fermentation Process

Comes with an integrated color TFT screen, the integrated secondary regulator that can be used to regulate gas into the chamber with our Inline Regulator with an integrated gauge or alternatively this can be switched over to the Gauge integrated BlowTie unit to regulate residual pressure in your fermenter.  The 4 button color display conveniently shows a log of historic temperature graphs, allows you to start, set/stop temperature profiles and gives you access to other critical information for that particular fermentation.

Rapt Fermentation Chamber


Fresh roasted coffee is cheaper than pre-roasted or ground coffee. Green coffee beans roast for 5-10 minutes.  It makes 14-28 cups. Rest for 1-6 hours to ensure optimal flavor. Roast coffee beans in the evening to be ready for a coffee grind & brewing the next morning. Fresh coffee roasted smells & tastes better.


A novice level coffee roaster for those interested in coffee roasting. Roast capacity is 4.2 ounces, or 4 scoops with the included measuring cup.  It has an improved control board -  all adjustments are made with pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan, and time.  It also features a real-time temperature read out to monitor roast progress. There are 9 levels of heat adjustment compared to other brands.


Rapt Fermentation Chamber on sale for LOCAL PICKUPS ONLY.


If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is worth the drive to our San Leandro warehouse location for this incredible deal on this unique equipment.

RIGHT NOW $999.99!!!

outside the area ($1199 + Free Shipping)

Whether you're a delicatessen, bar, restaurant, hotel, bakery, home brewer

William's Brewing has been in business since 1979. Our focus has been on servicing home brewers & wine makers, gourmet coffee drinkers & businesses w/ excellent customer service.

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